Owner, Head Coach & Professional Fighter

Jake Peacock is a man of influence. He is a devoted Christian, husband, athlete, business owner, and coach. Jake was born and raised in London, England. He was born with an unexpected congenital amputation of his right hand. The amniotic band was wrapped around his arm in the early stages of development, which stopped it from growing. Being a boy with one hand brought constant bullying and stigmatization for Jake. Because of this, Jake’s parents thought it best to put him in Martial Arts,to teach him self control, discipline, and self-defence.¬†Though many see missing a right hand as a disability, Jake does not. He has learned to work harder, work smarter, and think outside the box. Not long after he joined Martial Arts at the age of 7, Jake began competing on the national and international circuit and was a ranked competitor in England.

After moving to Canada at 14, Jake transitioned to full contact, Kyokushin Karate, where he found great success all over the world. It was after he competed in the World Tournament in Tokyo Japan, that Jake transitioned into Muay Thai and Kickboxing where he gained further experience training, fighting, and coaching. Jake is now currently signed to the world famous Muay Thai promotion Lion Fight, under a 5 fight contract. Jake is 5-0 as a professional with all five wins coming by way of KO and current North American Super-Welterweight Champion. Jake Peacock is also the founder and head coach at Dunamis: Muay Thai |Kickboxing | Boxing based out of Calgary, AB.

Jake Peacock
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